Volucite Cube

The Volucite Cube will allow a player to craft numerous items that can’t be obtained from the traditional forms of crafting.  This cube is capable of upgrading essences, automatically smelting mining bags, and even random weekly recipes!

Simply add the items into the cube and double click it. What will happen then? Only one way to find out!


To obtain Smelz armor, you must first have 150 tinkering. Then, place 150 trinket tokens in the cube along with an iron version of the armor you want, such as platemail chest or chaos shield. Double click the cube to enjoy the nostalgia of Smelz!

Essence Upgrading

3x Lesser Essences of Corruption and 140 tinkering will grant you 1x Essence of Corruption

3x Essences of Corruption and 150 tinkering will grant you 1x Greater Essence of Corruption