Essence of power is a special craft item that is used for corruption and regret essences. You can convert unused uni tokens at the anvil on top of BB. Higher the uni token, more essences you receive.


Each essence of corruption will have one of these outcomes:

  • Destroys the item
  • Add additional stats
  • Turn the unique into a different unique of the same level

    The essence of corruption and greater essence of corruption has two additional outcomes:

  • Upgrade to a uni of the next level
  • Grant offense or defense score
    Once an item is corrupted, unless it rolled as a new uni, it will not be able to be corrupted again.




    Essence of Regret 5 Essences of Power, 5,000 Gold 105.0
    Lesser Essence of Corruption 5 Essences of Power, 5,000 Gold 105.0
    Essence of Corruption 10 Essences of Power, 5,000 Gold 110.0
    Greater Essence of Corruption 15 Essences of Power, 5,000 Gold 120.0


    Glass Shard



    Frost 500 Frost Ingots 100.0
    Tellurium 500 Tellurium Ingots 110.0
    Kryptonite 500 Kryptonite Ingots 120.0
    Water Stone 500 Water Stone Ingots 130.0
    Inferno 500 Inferno Ingots 140.0
    Crystal 500 Crystal Ingots 150.0